Cliff Gill does search engine marketing for large and small companies. Specializing in the hard to work with niches that have tons of competition. Cliff Gill - Search Engine Marketer - SEO
Cliff Gill
Cliff Gill
Search Engine Marketer- SEO - On Page and Off Page Consultations



Over the last 6 years, I have learned and implemented many SEO campaigns on a wide range of websites and have found what works and what doesn't, including sites for start-up companies and small businesses. (I have screenshots of ranking increases to prove it see my portfolio above).

I did this through true white hat methods that rely on writing quality content and getting quality links and traffic via those links which just happened to help them in SEO as well.

I have also got websites out of Penguin and Panda penalties handed down by Google (Don't know what that is? Ask!).

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